Routes and destinations

If you are a true aficionado for sea and sailing, and with impulsive spirit, then the island of Lošinj is perfect for you and your summer adventures. Hundreds of miles of richly indented coastline and numerous islands and reefs of the Lošinj archipelago are ideal for everyday research. Every experienced sailor knows about this: well-hidden coves and beaches most often can be accessed only by the seaside. Find your mysterious cove in whose beauty you will enjoy quietly for hours and days. And yes, don't forget to make a few selfies. Otherwise, maybe your friends won't believe you.

On the other hand, if you are not inclined to research but certainly want to know our coast better, do not worry - we have the right solution for you, too. Kiki Rent-a-Boat from Mali Lošinj also offers daily group excursions at predetermined sailing routes along the Lošinj archipelago. Relax and enjoy a carefree summer and natural beauties under the watchful eye of our skipper who is at your disposal for any assistance.