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Why choose Kiki rent a boat service?

The company Kiki Rent-a-Boat from Mali Lošinj deals with nautical tourism as the main and sole activity. From the very beginnings, we are oriented to provide quality rent-a-boat service and are recognizable as such for many years. Your complete pleasure during cruising and exploring our coast is our primary objective. From that reason, our fleet of rental vessels always consists of the best possible vessels in every important aspect - comfort, stability, performances, safety. Just gather your crew, board up, start your engine and simply sail away. The pleasure is all yours. We have already taken care of the rest.


Own boat with which you will explore new and hidden coves and cliffs is probably the dream of every sea and sailing enthusiast. But, just as any passion, also requires a lot of attention, time and sacrifice. As you drive towards the sea, you should not forget that you're pulling a trailer and boat. Therefore, you will drive more cautiously and slowly, your trip will last longer, and you'll be more tired. It goes without saying, your costs are rising because tolls are much higher. You have arrived at your destination and while everyone is eager for navigation, the only thing you can think of is - a bed. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day.

A new day brings some new problems. First, you need to deploy the boat, but before that should find a berth, preferably close to your hotel. Then you must move your trailer somewhere safe. Before going on sailing, you have to double-check whether the boat is all right and do you have all the necessary equipment and documents. Seemingly, a lot of work for such a short pleasure, and this is just a small part of a whole story. Your dream vacation has just begun, and you're already having enough of it. Of course, you must do it all again on your way back home, only in reverse order.

Do you really want to spend your summer holidays like this?

Don't waste your holidays. Better take a cruise on a rental boat and just leave all those problems behind. No traffic jams, no nervousness and stress, no extra expenses. Sail away excited about new discoveries, come back happy and full of impressions. Our fleet of vessels is waiting for you in the harbor near the center of Mali Lošinj.

Kiki Rent-a-Boat – better navigation starts with us.



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